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Our aim is to provide our customers with a fast, reliable and cost-effective option for clearing properties that have been left unused or unattended for any period of time.


A large portion of our work in recent years has arisen from the ongoing blight of fly-tipping that has swept the country, even being called as far afield as Liverpool, Newcastle, Monmouth and Exeter, with our base being in London and the south-east.


In our drive to clear sites over a wide area we have built up a good working relationship with many of the leading waste transport companies and therefore have access to a wide range of facilities at very short notice.


This is a huge advantage when dealing with gangs of well-organised fly-tippers. as we can usually mobilise with 24-48 hours of the site being secured from further intrusion, to begin the process of returning the offended area to its former state or in most cases, better.


We also work alongside some of the most prominent property management companies in the UK who provide security in many forms and management facilities depending on customer needs.


The services we offer is simple, we try to work as much in the clients' interest as our own and form site assessment to completion. We aim to do our very best to keep everyone involved happy with the progress being made.


We perform an assessment where we decide the correct tools needed and which waste contractor is most productive and readily available at that time followed by a risk assessment along with a method statement in order to meet relevant compliance needs.


With access to an extensive range of machinery from tracked machines to loading shovels, all available with selector grabs we use whatever is most relevant and fitting the work to be carried out.


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